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Who we are

Marine consultancy and engineering experience for more than 30 years.



Consulting for upgrade or overhaul of electrical and automation systems, propulsion controls and monitoring systems, switchboards.


Supply of various marine equipment:

  • Electrical parts for starters, power distribution and switch boards 
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure and level sensors
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic parts
  • Spare parts , incl. original parts for eh-trading and marine technik: Propulsion control systems S7 and S8, amplifier and converters MMLS / MMV / MMPWM / MMRPM and others, starter boxes for auxilliary blower and turning gear deguscan 
  • We also provide our advise in case of obsolete parts or other technical solutions for propulsion control and monitoring 


Tel: +49 4303 9283390

Mobile: +49 171 2070 942


Seebrook 10

24256 Schlesen, Germany